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Welcome April 14, 2009

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Hi, welcome to my personal weblog. This blog was specialized for Author sharing the many occasions that occurs in his life with visitors. Through this blog, visitors can knows what happens in my life and provides the various writings. The purpose of this blog existence is to cleared between this blog and my prime blog at blogspot that I specialized only for politics, and this blog contains other than political issues. And I am not often to update this blog as reformisjalanan.blogspot.com, because this is only a side blog. Finally, thanks to all visitors for spending your precious time at my personal blog.

Any criticism, suggestion, and comments about this blog can be mailed to reformisjalanan@gmail.com



1. jamil bin ismail ( jamilkucing ) - April 14, 2009

Aik cam nak ambik tempat aku jek weii. ni nak marah ni.aku saman ko kott dalammm.hehehe gurau yek. ooo nak melawan aku yek. aku buat dua blog ko buat dua. lawan yekkk

2. reformisjalanan - April 15, 2009

Mana ada.. orang dah rancang nak buat blog ni lamaaa dah..sebelum dia dulu..hehehe

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