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Healthy Breakfast : Egg Sandwich March 27, 2010

Posted by Yakuza in Catatan, Makanan, resepi.

Most of my morning I’ve made a such healthy breakfast myself. This breakfast doesn’t require cooking oil like almost Malay food (breakfast, lunch, or dinner). I got this recipe through internet. Nowadays it being the daily breakfast for modern Korean people. It called “Gaeran Tost-U” (egg sandwich). Korean pronounce it as “tost”. Actually the Korean breakfast is same with what they’re eating when lunch or dinner. A bowl of rice, kimchi, soup, grilled fish or meat. But this toast was influenced by western food. Here I’ll show u how to make it.

The ingredients are :

1. Egg

2. Two slices of bread

3. Some cabbage or salad

4. Some carrot

7. Ketchup

8. Sugar or brown sugar.

Firstly, break the egg(s). Then cut the cabbage and carrot. Put it into the egg. Keep some cabbage cut to be used as topping on fried egg.

Secondly, stir the veggies and egg. Then fry them with butter. Put the fried egg with veggies on a slice of bread. The rest of the cabbage will be putting on the egg. Pour some ketchup, and then some sugar, look the picture below.

Fast and easy. Ready to eat 😉 Try it! Tasty.

p/s : I substitute the cabbage with salad.



1. girlgeum - May 14, 2010

Everything but the fried egg. I eat boiled eggs. 🙂

A sandwich is quick and easy. No washing dishes after.

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