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English! May 5, 2010

Posted by Yakuza in Notes.

Now I feel so embarrassing and hopeless. I had read and hear many tales and stories about the successful figures in Malaysia. I followed their life’s progress. All of them are totally different from my generation nowadays. My age is 21 years old. But my English is still weak and poor, can’t speak properly. Different with the past generation. They are hardworking, struggling and striving in their study. At my age, they can spoke the English language properly. I listing the few of them – Anwar Ibrahim, Zaid Ibrahim, Kassim Ahmad, Peter Kamaruddin, Hasrizal Jamil, Hishamuddin Rais (ahh I’m so jealous with him. He had traveled too many places in this world when he was a young boy, around 20’s) and many more.

I have my own ambition. It requires the proper English. Since now I am cultivating the struggling of English improvement into myself. I wanted to leave this country to create, invent, and draw my better future. I envy to those who are study or living abroad. I will mastered this language step by step. There is no other way to mastered the particular language than reading, watching, listening, and speaking. Currently I train myself to read English articles instead of Malay articles that I’m used to. After that I referred to dictionary for new words and write down on a piece of paper for memorization.

And I will be friendly towards the tourist. It will help me to be precedent and not feel awkward when I’m speaking English. Actually since 2 years ago I am start to talking with the foreigners. I had gain many experiences. With Iranian, French, and so on. Recently I had talking with a couple of tourist from England at KLIA LCC Terminal, at that time I’m just arriving from my hometown and they are waiting to depart to their country. But I’m talking with them in short time. Not ample.

Finally I managed to speaking English with Australian (Melbourne) that traveling alone in Malaysia. He was friendly. I bet his age is around 50 to 55. His name is Tom, and he was an Italian Language teacher. He was waiting to depart and sitting outside the terminal. I saw him alone and taking advantage to talk with him. I sat in front of him, shake hand  and say “hi“.  Around 10-15 minutes we’re talking about each other. Not long before my auntie came to fetch me. The last sentence that I had said to him is, “I hope we will meet again, and have a nice trip.”

Sigh… I wonder when I’ll get that opportunity again? It was so hard to speaking English with those who also knows Malay Language. I will feels weird and awkward. I only can speak without feels weird only with tourists. Ahh.. this new semester I must change all.



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