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The Trio of Jeong May 7, 2010

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From left : Jeong Woong-In, Jeong Joon-Ho, Jeong Woon-Taek

I’m really love the perfomance three of them when started watching “My Boss My Teacher”. I think 3 of them are suit together. Smart and funny. Jeong Woong-In always act as a womanizer/casanova, Jeong Joon-Ho as a leader or superior, good in fighting but lack of knowledge. And Jeong Woon-Taek’s character is foolishly beams, over reacted, and simple-minded. Always  beaten by his boss due to his foolishness. Nevertheless, they are funny.

I managed to watch the movie that consists three of them; My Boss My Hero, My Boss My Hero 2 (also known as My Boss My Teacher) and City of Damnation. I am really enjoyed when I’m watching their movie.

My Boss My Hero (2001) : Jeong Joon-Ho as Gae Doo Sik, the leader of small gang that have to enter the high school to gain his diploma. Jeong Woong-In as Kim Sang Doo, right hand of Gae Doo Sik, and Jeong Woon-Taek as Daegari, subordinates of Gae Doo Sik. Kim Sang Doo and Daegari are in charge of the gang while their boss (Gae Doo Sik) is in the  high school. Of course this movie provided the fighting scene, the fight between gangster.

My Boss My Teacher (2005) : Jeong Joon-Ho, Jeong Woong-In and Jeong Woon-Taek was maintained their characters in the previous movie My Boss My Hero. In this movie, Gae Doo Sik acted as practical teacher who teaches at the high school. Gae Doo Sik’s superior, Sang-Joong (big boss) also in the school where Gae Doo Sik was assigned. Now Gae Doo Sik is teaching his own boss in school. They have to acting in order to  identity of them will not revealed.

Kim Sang Doo, was assigned to assist Gae Doo Sik to flirt with a women, who is the teacher that always ordered Gae Doo Sik to shoveling. To simplify the Gae Doo Sik’s movement, Kim Sang Doo was flirted with that teacher. And Daegari, maintained as his character before.

City of Damnation (2008) : This movie are different with two movies above. They are acted as the different characters. Jeong Joon-Ho as Jang Choon-Dong, the police traffic that very interested to fight against criminals, was assigned to be a spy and infiltrate into the syndicate that smuggling an illegal stuff. Meanwhile, Jeong Woong-In who is the gangster, was assigned by his superior to infiltrate into the police department to make every operation by police is failed.

Jeong Woong-Taek, as Moon Dong-Sik originally is Jang Choon-Dong superior, but was demoted by his boss due to his foolishness disobey the order.

Ahh… I’m really enjoyed watch these movies. I wonder is any upcoming movie will be produced that involves three of them?



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