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Hard To Live! June 12, 2010

Posted by Yakuza in Uncategorized.

It’s been a long time since I have updated this blog. I have 2 reasons. First, my priority is my blog for politics at blogspot and secondly is I must admit that I am not diligent to typing the keyboard. I don’t know what shall I write on this blog. It is not that I have no any idea to pour it in this site, but it is now mix and mix with many occasion and data in my head which make me so confuse and depress.

Ok, now I am going to story about myself as undergraduate in 5th semester, not many – a little bit. It seems that now it’s hard to live in here. My schedule are so tight. 7 subjects which I must finish all of them in this semester. And I also got the financial problem. Since my grandma just passed away (she was one of my money’s contributor), I must not spend the money as many as I want. I am not receive my loan yet. I hope the amount will be enough for me to survive in this semester. I need a certain of money to entertain myself.

Life as the undergraduate is so bored and tension. My head is hurt due to assignment, college environment, lesson in the class, presentation, can’t understand what we had studied, and so on. Plus, I am now in debt with my lecturer and I also need some money for my co-curriculum class – all of this has make my head hurt. I must do something to calm myself. I am planning to outing in city. I want to spoil myself in the bookstore, walking all the way in the middle of city’s crowded, looking at so many people’s action, and many more.

That’s why I need more money to calm myself. All of that requires a sum of money. Frankly, I dislike the environment in my college. I wanted to be alone. I wish I can forget all of this for a while. Now, instead of outing to the city, my daily routine is only staying quietly in my room when there are no classes and then if I want to walk, I’m walking to mamak stall outside of my college. In my reckoning, the distance between the mamak stall and my college is about half km.

FYI, I live in a room that consist 3 beds, 3 wardrobes, 3 study table, and 3 notice board. That means I am living with another 2 room mates, who is my junior. But they are rarely seen in this room, they prefers to  staying in another room near to mines. Perhaps I am too quiet so they are looking the friends that they can talk a lot. Hmm I dont know. Ok, that’s all. Next time I will write down and show the another story of mine. Bye.




1. Keiichi - June 12, 2010

Sometime, life is hard, I agree with you.
But a bright morning comes after a dark night. A warm spring comes after a cold winter.
Take it easy!

Have a nice day!

reformisjalanan - June 13, 2010

Hi Keiichi. Thanks for visiting and supporting. Yes I hope the dark night will leave as soon as possible. But if winter, I wish it’ll not leave because my country doesn’t have winter season hahaha


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