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Running to Outer World July 29, 2010

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I managed to ”leave” my current world to the outer world for a while. Life as a student sure has many depression or stress. With some money, I come to Kuala Lumpur (KL), the city that has no sympathize, whoever has a lot of money – then he will be a king. And for those who are penniless, you are nothing but trash. This place, where the so-called human beings with individualistic behavior assembled.

I’m kinda weird, right? Usually when someone’s in depression, he/she will find the quiet and calm place for tranquility. But I’m opposite, I came to crowded and noisy place for tranquility. This is because my current world already are quiet place. So, I running to the opposite world. Not long, just 1 and half day. But I have such a great feelings and I could forget all the things came from my college – I forget all of them – fucking assignments, fucking lecturers, fucking environments, fucking friends, fucking classmates, fucking the so-called Moslems behavior, fucking study’s, fucking lessons, and among other fucking things – I don’t give shit to them for a while.

Interest and Fascinates Place in KL

For those who want to visit KL (foreigners or Malaysian themselves), here I listed some interesting place.

1) Bukit Bintang – this is the place for foreigners from many countries assembled. When I came at there, I felt like I’m in Middle East country – because this is the season for Arabians come to this country. Mostly I’ve seen the young Arabian couple. According to one of taxi driver – they came for honeymoon.

When you come to Bukit Bintang, please stop at street cafe and you’d look at many people’s behavior. The interesting mall and can be the paradise for shopaholic is Pavilion, Lot 10, BB Plaza, Low Yatt, Sungei Wang Plaza etc.

Then after the sunset, this important part of KL began to ”wake up” till morning. Yes – the night life – don’t miss it for many performance – come and see it with your eyes!

2) Petaling Street – I love this street, also as the focuses place for tourists. I can see the various peoples from different countries, different cultures and different world assembled and met here. I observed the people’s from the edge of street, in cafe street while drinking ”expensive” apple juice.

3) Masjid India – the place for cheap sale on street, just like the Petaling Street.

4) Suria KLCC – one of the cause I like this place is because of Kinokuniya are in there. Heaven for books!

Durian stand in Jalan Sultan – near to Petaling Street.

One of the street show on night at Bukit Bintang. I bet they are from Thailand, his face, song – I can recognize all. The standing guy plays his harp and I love it! Very calm, with the moon light in Bukit Bintang, in the such circumstances – like I had found the heaven on earth!

This punk guy plays with black scorpion – he put his ”pet” on his face, insert on his mouth (LOL). Many tourists snap the pictures. This is one kind of entertainment. In front of Bukit Bintang Maybank.

Crowded in Bukit Bintang – sleepless street.

Originally I was planned to stay up on street till morning but I can’t hold my sleepy eyes. I find the inn and stay for one night. That time is almost 1am. This room is RM60 per night, but with the help from one kind security guard, I get the discount (RM20) after that guy talked with the inn receptionist. Thanks, buddy! I checked out on 11.50 am.

I still can’t sleep. Decided to read Tapai – latest book by Hishamuddin Rais that I bought from KLCC Kinokuniya. About 2.40 am or something I fell asleep. Zzzz….

If I could I’d stay for 2 or 3 days. but i couldn’t afford it since I’m just penniless student. But I have a great day. I will come again in one fine day. Maybe, today I came as nobody but who knows, next time I come as somebody. Hahaha  🙂

Thanks, KL. You’ve wiped out all fucking problems out of my head.



1. Keiichi - July 31, 2010

I really happy to hear that you had a very good time in KL.
Have a nice day!

reformisjalanan - August 1, 2010

Hey, Keiichi. Thanks. I’m also had read your blog. Are you still in Malaysia?

Keiichi - August 1, 2010

No,I am in Japan now.
I think Malaysia is wonderful country.
I will visit again.

Have a nice day!

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