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I will meet him soon (Inshallah) August 25, 2010

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He’s Arabian. Originally from Kuwait. But now he live in London. I love to listen his English lectures. He also has answered several of my question through his website. He is Yasser al-Habib, Shiite cleric who has exiled from his country and manage to get political asylum in UK. According to one of his disciple, he is a honest man and willing to serve the youngsters, listen to their problems and help to answer their questions.

He said (Yasser’s disciple) – Sheikh Yasser al-Habib was exiled because he has converted many Wahabi and Bakris (Sunni) to become Shia. What I know is he once had detained and jailed in charge of insulted Prophet’s wife and sahaba (companions) like Abu Bakr, Omar, and Aysha. I don’t give a damn about that and I don’t mind whether he’s opinion and views are quite radical. I just want to seek knowledge from many people, not only him. He has his own office in London, an organization called Khoddam Almahdi (servant of al-Mahdi) – consists Huseiniyya Sayyid al-Shohadaa, Hawza al-Askariyain, al-Menbar Media, Fadak TV, and The Shia Newspaper (Yasser al-Habib is the head of Shia Newspaper in London).

This is some information about him based on the answer given in his website :

Sheikh al-Habib has begun his Hawza (Shi’a Islamic) studies about fourteen years ago, after which he has been granted the honorary rank and title of “Allamah” by Ayatollah Sayed Sadiq al-Shirazi (May Allah prolong his life).

The Sheikh is currently studying Bahthul Kharij (graduation class) which is known as the top academic stage in Shi’a Islamic studies, as well as teaching the secondary level in Hawza studies known as al-Sutuhul ‘Aliyah (external).

I wish I could meet him personally one day. Inshallah.



1. Keiichi - August 25, 2010

I want to know about Islam.
I mean, Islamic religion.
As I read this article, I realized there are some groups in Islamic religion,like Sunni, Shi’a.
Like you, I also want to seek knowledge from many people.

Have a nice day!

2. Reformis Jalanan - August 25, 2010

Hi Keiichi ^^

I’m pleased that you want to know about my religion. Yes, there is several group (sect or school of thought) in Islam. Just like Christianity that divided to Catholic, Protestan, and Orthodox. Nowadays, Islam has three major sect – Sunni, Shi’a and Wahhabi. And I am a Shi’a.

You are most welcome and allowed to ask any question about Islam from me – you can send an e-mail, or if you has Facebook account, do add me. This is my Facebook link http://www.facebook.com/reformisjalanan

You too, have a nice day.

Keiichi - August 28, 2010

Thank you,Reformis Jalanan!
I will ask you about Islam.
Thank you!

3. Mubin - September 9, 2010

As Salam Aleikum wr wb

Im also converted to shia islam i was a sunni.
And ironiclly my Maraja is Ayatollah al Udhma Sayyid Sadiq Shirazi.

Im happy for you too, (japanese?) that you choose the right path of Ahlul Baayt as. (pure family of Muhammad saas.) may Allah guide all the Muslims to the way of Ahlul Bayt as. (the true religon of Allah swt.)

Jazakum Allah kheiran for your website if you can bring our greetings from Germany to Alamah Shaikh Habib it would be nice.

Wa Salam Aleikum wr wb

reformisjalanan - September 9, 2010

Waalaikum Salaam brother,

Alhamdulillah brother Mubin, we’re in the same boat. I, too was a Sunni but converted to Shia years ago. And coincidentally, our marja is same! I’m also imitate Grand Ayatollah Sayed Sadiq Shirazi. What a wonderful world!

No brother I’m not Japanese. I’m Malay, live in Malaysia. Brother Keiichi is Japanese, but he is non-Muslim that interested to Islam.

Brother, if you have a Facebook account do add me at http://www.facebook.com/reformisjalanan and do like also the page named “Sheikh Yasser al-Habib lovers”, I am one of this page’s admin. Nice to meet you, brother. Jazakumullah khairan kathira.

Mubin - September 9, 2010

As Salam Aleikim

Youre right what a wonderful world. Inshallah Brother Keiichi will convert to the right path too.

inshaallah i will add you this week biithnillah and for sure Shaikh Yasser’s Group.

Wasalam Aleikum wr wb

4. sal - September 22, 2010

This man is very ignorant. Just from the way he speaks it is very obvious that he does not have the ruhma of Allah. He speaks trash as he is trash. I don’t know for sure, but if i had to guess I believe that he will burn in Hell Fire…..

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