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My Dream Place for Vacation October 6, 2010

Posted by Yakuza in Dream, interests.

The following are the place that I wanted to go, this is some of it. I want to be a traveler after finished my study and my economy is stable. Certain place for vacation purpose, another place is for seek knowledge, other than that, I want to sightseeing, wider my sight and gain an experience. And I’m also want to enjoy the seasons that doesn’t available in my country. I wish to walk without sweat (lol).

Firstly is Holy City of Qom, located in Iran. This doesn’t mean I’m not craving for Holy City Karbala (Iraq) or another city that placed the body of holy and sacred imam. But I give it the priority, because I want to meet my beloved marja taqleed (someone knowledgeable that you imitate him in the matter of religion), Grand Ayatollah Sayed Sadiq al-

My dear Ayatollah Sadiq Shirazi ❤

Shirazi. I’m always pray to God, not to take him too early and let me meet with him. Grand Ayatollah Sayed Sadiq al-Shirazi is from the great family that produces many scholars. I love him so much. I hope he is in good condition. He was recognized and proceed the legacy of his late brother, Grand Ayatollah Muhammad al-Shirazi. I heard now he is in house-arrest. When the first moment I meet him, I will kiss his forehead for blessings. Holy City of Qom was produced many scholars and become a place for seek the knowledge. It’s distinguished around the Shia-Muslims world. Yes, Iran would be my first destination, for vacation, travel and obtain the knowledge. Surely he (Sayed Sadiq al-Shirazi) is a pearl of Islam!

Second place is, London – United Kingdom. Actually I didn’t have an interest with this place, but because of my beloved Sheikh Yasser al-Habib, I have to come there. Sheikh Yasser al-Habib is a controversy Shia cleric, as I mentioned in previous post, he is from Kuwait. And a few weeks ago, his nationality is just revoked by Kuwaiti Government, due to his ceremony and speech, the so-called insulting the Sunni icon. Sheikh al-Habib is also regards the Grand Ayatollah Sayed Sadiq Shirazi is most knowledgeable marja, and now he is still referring to Ayatollah Sadiq Shirazi’s brother, Ayatollah Sayed Mujtaba al-Shirazi, who is also live in London. Every Saturday, Sheikh Yasser al-Habib will deliver his lectures in his Huseiniyya (a place dedicated to the tent of Imam Hussein, during his final life before martyr in Karbala land, this place is for mourn, pray, and give lectures about religion).

Sheikh Yasser al-Habib is very cool. I wanted to meet him, and share many things. One of my Facebook friend told me, every moment he’s with Sheikh al-Habib, he will get something valuable (i.e knowledge). Unfortunately, Sheikh Yasser al-Habib is now being criticized not from another sect of Islam, but also from Shia. He has to give up his nationality for the sake of Islam. I made his album in my Facebook account, dedicated to him. Whoever been with him, would say the positive things. Other than that, I also want to meet my online lecturer, Sheikh Sepanta Mohammad Cyrous, who is also live in London, a France who can speak fluently in English and Persia language. In London, for vacation purpose and to seek knowledge. But I will be there shortly. Because the standard of living is very high compared to my country. I afraid I couldn’t afford it.

Of course there is another place I wanted to visit. To travel and add more knowledge, besides enjoying the creation of God. That is the major proof of the existence of God. If you want to recognize the God, look and ponder to His creation, surrounding you!



1. Mubin - October 7, 2010

As salam aleikum wr wb

Very nice very nice subhanallah. I enjoyed it.

May Allah give Ayatollah ul Udhma Sayyid Sadiq Shirazi a long life. It is normal that people with Haq become arrested. See the masumeen!!!

England hmm i dont like England^^ But Shaikh Habib a very Good Teacher for me too.
Pretty that hes not in Germany. All the Wahda Shia People love the Bakris may Allah swt. guide them all.

South Korea is a very beatiful country. My dream was to marry asian Girl but there are so many problems as you know. culture,deen,etc.etc.

South Korea,Japan, all this country are very beatiful and surely after i visited inshaallah (when i married) the holy places of islam (true islam) then i will surely take trips to east-asian countrys^^

May Allah swt. give you a long life too.

Jazakum Allah Kheiran for your blogpost.

wasalam aleikum wr wb

2. Reformis Jalanan (Malaysian Shirazi) - October 7, 2010

Wa Aleykum Salaam my dear brother; thanks for reading and visiting my blog. Sorry because this blog is rarely updated, I admit that I am a lazy guy. (lol)

I’m also hoped that Ayatollah Sadiq al-Shirazi is in good condition and may God grant him the long life. I’m also don’t have any interests to England, but I have to because I need to visit Sheikh Yasser al-Habib. Well….actually I have no problem with Wahda (unity), I only have a problem with Nawasib and Battris. We should regards all peoples who have Shahadatayn as Muslim 😉

Yeah lol. South Korea is great. I like that country, and Asian girl is the most better and ideal to be a wife (because I am also Asian, hehehe). There is no problem with culture, it indicates the various life of God’s creation. Maybe you can guide them to deen, who knows? Anyway, no problem to marrying the Ahlul Kitab (mostly Christian) without asked her to convert.

We also must give the priority to the holy place. After my wish is fulfilled, I’ll plan for next destination. Baghdad, perhaps? Visiting Karbala and Kazhimayn. Hehehe.. May Allah listened and delivered my du’a, Inshallah.

3. Mubin - October 7, 2010

As Salam Aleikum

I didnt mean with wahda (unity) that we should not come together. Even Imam Sadiq as. told us to go to the mosques of bakris and pray with them show them the true islam and the ahlebayt as. i mean shias who believe in wahda like everything is allright. we dont have differences. This is a way out of the ahlebayt as. in this case there is no chance for wahda(unity) in meaning become like them (bakris). of course we are all muslim and should unite against the enemys of islam but i will never accept the murderers of muhamamd saas. and his ahlebayt as. i hope you understood me^^

Yes wallah youre right. It seems everywhere i was that asian girls are better for creating a family with man. I dont know it seems that asian women and of course asian muslima can be ideal as a mother for the family for the children etc maybe the traditions in east asien i think of respect etc are the result? i think so!

KARBALA wallah brother take care of you this place make you crazy. You will love this play so much that you dont even want to go back home. A place full of love and peace. You can feel that something protect this land.

wasalam aleikum wr bw

Reformis Jalanan (Malaysian Shirazi) - October 7, 2010

Wa Aleykum Salaam;

Yeah I’m glad that your views is similar with mine. No problem for wahda as long as we Shias didn’t sacrifice our principles. I’m also rejected the enemy of Aalul Bayt, even I cursed them everyday in my Qunut.

Brother, Asia has unique culture; etiquette is very crucial (respect each other, etc). Of course Asian Muslemah is better. Now I know why so many Westerner guys are interested to Asian women, lol. Even our holy Prophet told us to marry the women who live far away from us because it’s easier to spread Islam.

Have you been in Karbala?? Yeh I will go there when I could ensure that my safety is guarantee. You know, Iraq is now still in chaos?

4. Mubin - October 7, 2010

As Salam Aleikum wr wb

So you are a real Shia hmm be proud of you that you have the permission to curse the enemys of ahlebayt as. I feel the power everytime when im doing tawallah and tabarra.

Yes haha your the best^^. You know western women live more for this dunya then other woman. So I think western guys want asian women for a better life (lol). Muslemah wallah i can tell you that asian Muslemah are living islam so nice and with so much power its very nice to see and you should be proud as an east-asian guy.
You know that the Kids of Ahlebayt as. emigrated to east-asien and married daughters of kings and spreaded true islam over there? Like Indonesia,Mongolei etc.

Very interesting. Now I know why they didnt choose the west lol.

No brother i wasnt in Karbala. I was in Shaam (Syria) by Bibi Zainab as. and Imam Sajjad as. it was so nice. Imagine a place full of peace you think angels protect you from everywhere.
And i was in Maschad(Iran) by Imam Jafar as Sadiq as. Speechles imagine a holy place of peace and faith so big like over more then 10 Soccer Stadiums. And stil the build and build. More librarys. More Prayrooms. etc.etc. Inshaallah i want meet Sayydul Shabab al Jannah Jundullah Imamul Hussein as.
Inshallah with my wife and with peace.
Hope for you the same brother.

Inshaallah Firdauws. And if you see Shaikh Habib tell him. German youths learns a lot from his lessons for the dawah.

wasalam aleikum wr wb

5. Jawad - February 18, 2011

 Syeda Fatima’s (s.a.) Duaa -against thosewho opressed her:
    O Allah I complain to You of the death of Your Prophet Your Messenger and Your chosen one and the retreating of his Ummah and their denying us our rights which You placed for us in Your Book sent through Your Prophet, in his tongue [language] 

6. meet local singles free - March 18, 2011

check it out bro

7. Jawad Hafiz - October 1, 2011

jazakallah, bro.. I liked your blogging and I too wish same for me

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