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Why Can’t the Muslims live in simpler way? November 19, 2010

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This photo has nothing to do with this post. Just want to show my affection to this 2 brothers 🙂

Islam has various sects or school of thoughts, so do the Christian and Judaism. Islam consists to two major groups, Sunni (Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi’e, Hanbali for Jurisprudence, and for faith (aqeedah) is Salafi, Asy’ari, Maturidi, Mu’tazili etc etc) and Shiite (Ja’fari [Usooli, Akhbari and Battri], Zaidiy, Isma’ili, Alawi, etc). We can see that these groups (Sunni & Shiite) has quarreling since more than thousand year ago due to the history factor. And yes, these two Muslim groups has different faith though they worship the same God.

And Christian, as we know they are also divided into several groups – Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox with their own belief. What I want to question is, why the Christians can live together without fighting each other in the matter of religion though they have the different belief? I never see on any websites, blogs, youtube etc about the Catholics condemned Protestant, the Orthodox ”takfir” on both Catholic and Protestant and so on.

I only see this situation in the Muslim world. Starting from years ago, when I still in Sunni until now I am a Shiite, I looking the same situation. One group claimed that they are in the true path and the others are misguided, another group says only their group will be enter Jannah (Paradise) while the others will not safe (what are they think? Are they God to decide who will enter the Heaven and Hell??). This situation occurs in everywhere, every place where the Muslims resides. They are always want to show to all that they are ”the people of the truth”.

There is one hadith by Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) regarding on only 1 groups out of 73 from his followers will safe on the Judgment Day. Sunni claims that they are in the right group, while the Shiite claims that either, and also the Wahabi (Sunni-Hanbali that adopted the teaching of Ibn Abd Wahab, Salafism)! For me and my belief, I do believe that the only 1 safe group in Judgment Day is a group that has ”taqwa” on their God (the Almighty). “Surely that distinguish all of you from Allah is taqwa” (Holy Quran).

I just hope that the Muslim can live in simpler way. Why we have to fight each other because of religion?? The worst thing is when I look at the many Arabian scholars. They arguing like crazy in TV channel only to proves that their ”opposite” is misleading. I feel ashamed to my non-Muslim friends and the rest of non-Muslim world. They will think that Islam is the religion that advocating violence and fights. Just look what happened in Middle East!! Bombs in here and there, shooting, etc – the Muslim leader oppressed the Muslim civilian – Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Yemen, Iran, etc. Muslim killing each other such as in Iraq and Pakistan.

Non-Muslim never differentiate us in several groups, because they are only see 1 Muslim world. They will never consider who is Sunni, who is Shiite and so on. So sad, peoples keep thinks that Arab world is represent Islam, and look what happened in the Middle East country. They are rich and have a lot of natural resources (such as oil) but what happened to their countries? Backward? Chaos? Try to compare with the Western and East Asia country. This time, peoples keep thinking how to invent the new product to become advance, but the whole Muslims keep thinking how to condemn the another Muslim group and prove themselves a the right group.

If this situation keep happens, I couldn’t stop myself from keep cursing the whole Muslim world. Why? Because they make a such beautiful and peaceful religion become tarnished and filthy because of their deeds. Why the Muslims can’t just live in simple, without hatred, prejudice and fitna? Someone used to make the false accusation on me, because of religion.. is this the behavior of the followers of Muhammad (S) and his pure family?

The purpose I write this piece is not to condemn my Muslim brothers, I just want to spill my disappointment,, the language may be upside down, forgive me. Sometimes we have to be cruel in order to be kind



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