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I don’t have any problem with the non-Shias December 11, 2010

Posted by Yakuza in Religion and faith.

Seriously. Why should I create any problem with them? I came from the Sunni-Shafie family before totally reverted to Shiism in the past 3 years. Most of my friends are Sunni, and the rest is non-Muslim. So far, I haven’t hear any Shia’s scholar (moderate or radical) declare that Sunni are infidels.

Basically, whoever says “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His messenger” – I’ll consider he/she as a Muslim and haraam (unlawful) to spill his/her blood. However, I’m already divided the non-Shia to several group.


1- Ignorant about the history and doesn’t give a shit about it – this kind of Sunni are mostly in my friends and family list. For me, they are innocent, they are my brothers and indeed they will enter the Paradise.

2- They are aware about the cruelty and injustice of certain Prophet Muhammad’s companion, but they are still defending them (such as Muawiyah – alayhi la’natuh and others). Obviously, but they forgive them in the name of “Sahaba”. – I got a problem with this kind of Sunni group, however I’ll not make enemy with them as long as they didn’t attack or making fitna on my religion. Usually I distance myself from this group and rarely talking with them.

3- Nawasib – a group of Sunni that I hate most. Every day and night they always spreading the fitna and hatred on Shiism. If we talked to them nicely, they will accuse that we are doing taqiyya! Usually they are saying that Shias love killing Sunnis, Shias have another version of Qur’an, etc. In Malaysia, it becoming serious and in my opinion, it is permissible to spill their blood, seize their property and harass them.

Their major mistake is considered that all Shias is same, what Iran government did is the behavior of Shia and all Shias scholars are unanimously. This group is my enemy. Ahl Kitab (Jews, Christians, and Zoroaster) are more better than them. At least, they (Ahl Kitab) never offend us.

Group number 1 and 2, I’m ok with them though I did not pray behind them, but if they are praying beside me, it is ok.


This group are totally the enemy of Shias. They are always attacking Shia and considered Shia as disbelievers. Nevertheless, I know some of them are innocent (ignorant) and they are only become Nawasib if they are truly follow their sect.

In the end, though I already divided into several group, but I do believe that the Unity between Sunni and Shia is IMPOSSIBLE due to the many differences especially regarding faith or aqeeda. And I disagree to many Shia scholars who sacrificed the Shia’s interest for the sake of Sunni. I only believe that all mankind will become one in the time of Imam e Zaman, Muhammad ibnu Hasan Al-Mahdi (ajf).

Shia that I mentioned above is referred to Shia Ja’fari or Twelver. Other than that (Ismaili, Zaydi, Alawi, etc), I’m not considered them as Shia due to their rejection on particular infallibles (especially Ismaili and Zaydi). Of course they are still Muslim as long as they did not do anythings that can make their aqeeda/faith become invalid – such as believe that Qur’an was changed etc.



1. Mubin - December 11, 2010

As Salam Aleikum

no other group then the schia will enter directly the paradise brother.

Not your friends (sunnis) and not christians etc.

the only one who can enter direclty the paradise and can be other group then shia are shuhada (no matter from which group – important ist that they fighted for the one god).

the 3 groups are normaly the same.

A sahaba of imam sadiq as. asked him: ya imam what is with the bakris – will they enter the paradidse?
The imam as. said: the good among them which are not scholars and were tricked in their aqida – and they did not have the opportunity to search the truth about muhammad saas. and ahlebayt as. – these people will get a new chance to accept the wilaya. (they can pass the test if their hearts are pure).

This hadith is for ur first group (with pure hearts)

1st. group are innocents right but they must search for the right way (if they have the books or money to search).

the 2nd. group well defender of the enemys of ahlebayt as. have the chance in this world:) its even very hard to become a second chance. lol (Bad luck but himself to blame)

3rd. group vip in hell.


normaly they are kafir all – because they dont accept the wilaya.

but in islam there are 2 definitions of islam.

the first ist the true islam of ahlebayt as. (shia)

the second are all who believe in:

– nabi sas as the last prophet of allah swt.
– the qibla for the prayers
– the quran as the last word of allah swt.
– the shahada
– the death and rebirth
– apocalypse
– imam mahdi as.

in some points they have own definitions but all of bakris believe in this so they are muslims too.

and imam sadiq as. said us: to respect them as muslims till mahdi as. will come back and guide them to the right path inshaallah.

(sry 4 grammar)
wasalam aleikum wr wb

reformisjalanan - December 11, 2010

Wa Aleykum Salaam brother,

Thanks for clarification. Very true mashallah. But the 1st group, most of them are my family and my friends. Indeed they are innocent and may Allah forgive them. But I have my own opinion, I do believe that Allah (SWT) can grant His paradise to all peoples regardless their faith – because I STRONGLY believe that Allah is Ar-Raheem (Most Merciful) and He is not cruel.

The 2nd group, I don’t give a damn about them, I rarely talking with them or socialize with them. So, as your explanation above, they are Muslims and we must respect them till the reappearance of Al-Mahdi and after that, all mankind will become in one faith. Wallahu’Alim.

Mubin - December 11, 2010

as salam aleikum wr wb

Imam Sadiq as. also says: that if they have good daleel (even christians oder jews) – allah swt. will give them all a second chance. But its a risk game. Most of Poeple dont get a second chance.

i will pray for your famiy inshaallah.

wasalam aleikum wr wb

Mubin - December 11, 2010

as salam aleikum wr wb

me again:

its also hard nowadays to have an excuse for allah swt. why they didnt accept the wilaya:(

may allah guide us all amin ya rabb.

wasalam aleikum wr wb

reformisjalanan - December 12, 2010

Thank you! And may Allah gives His mercy to all mankind. Ameen Ya Rabb

2. jamal - March 30, 2011
reformisjalanan - March 30, 2011

Salamun Aleykum wbt

Yes bro I’ve read the post, unity is absolutely nice but must in the matter of political aspect, neither in faith nor belief. The uprising in Bahrain has nothing to do with USA or any Western country, rather it is the result form Bahraini Shias who were oppressed and discriminated under the Aal-Khalifa regime. Why USA remain silent in Bahrain unlike what happens in Libya and Iran? Because we all know that Bahrain and Saudi rulers are their dogs and their partner.

But the wrong thing is you called Ali Khamene’i as “Imam”. That is wrong bro. Nobody deserved to call himself as a epresentative of Al-Qaim during the Great Occultation (Ghayba Al-Kubra). BTW, he (Khamene’i) doing nothing to the dying Bahrainis, since Bahrainis were killed started in February, I’ve seen any speech from Khamene’i and Hassan Nasrullah unlike their support to the Egyptians and Libyans. Considering this circumstances, its totally wrong to call him as the Leader of Muslimeen. What kind of leader when he is only able to see the Shias dying day by day?

reformisjalanan - March 30, 2011

error : I’ve not seen any speech from Khamene’i and Hassan Nasrullah unlike their support to the Egyptians and Libyans.

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