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A Short Piece From Imam Shirazi (RA) January 29, 2011

Posted by Yakuza in ayatollah.

“And in Iran, I became imprisoned in my home, and happened to me what happened. If I wanted to write about what I suffered, it would not be a book with less than five hundred pages.

And they were not content with what they had done to me, so they arrested my two sons Sayyed Mortadhaa and Sayyed Mahdi, and arrested a number of my relatives and friends, and forced a number of them into exile. They also prohibited a large number of scholars and students from attending my lecture, and coerced the staff in our institutions to stay away, after they had taken over many of them. They also pursued my two other sons, making it necessary for one of them to migrate to Kuwait and the other to migrate to Syria.

During the past century, our family has, indeed, paid a heavy price for being related to the Great Shirazi Reviver, and to Ayatollaah al-Odhmaa Mohammad-Taqi Shirazi, leader of the 1920 revolution in Iraq, my father’s maternal uncle, and for the books that we publish, and the institutions that we establish”



1. Mubin - January 31, 2011

as salam aleikum wr wb

im speechless – where do you find this?

may allah allow him firdauws al jannah inshaallah.
may allah swt protect his family from batil.

ina lillah wa ina ilahi rajiuan

wasalam aleikum wr wb

Admin - January 31, 2011

Wa Aleykum Salaam,

I found this piece somewhere on internet. An old website, it seems made from Shirazi in London. Definitely he is now in heaven, may Allah SWT raise his status, Ameen.

Jawad Hafiz - October 1, 2011


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