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Dream Interpretation May 29, 2012

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The following conversations were between me and my brother in faith (Brother Mohammad Cyrous – MC) from London. I asked him about my dream interpretation.


Me : Salam Aleykum,

I had a strange dream last night. I was entering a building that looks like mosque (like typical Shia mosque – 2 minarets). But this ‘mosque’ is quite weird, because it located and stick between 2 buildings. As I step in, I realized the interior was not like mosque, but rather looks like a church! There were some people sitting on the bench and praying (like Christian praying). I did not see any cross though. 

Could you interpret the meaning of this weird dream? (Sent on 15th March, 12:16 a.m)

MC : wa alaikum salam,

JazakaAllah kheyran for your question.
Sayed Esfehani in Qum is one of the most famous person to analyze dreams however I try to give you my commentary:

“Your expectation in religious matters are higher than what you are experimenting (2 buildings)
and you seems to suffer of disillusion in the religion you’ve chosen (mosque like a church). Your inner is peaceful and calm (church) however you haven’t found a community / friends to be integrated due to difference of religious/cultural views.

You need to find a friend helping you in your spirituality (bench) however you haven’t made any mistake in your religious choice (no cross) but just need to stick in the Ulama (Shirazi/Sistani) teachings rather than following the crowd (so-called sheykh, followers).

You will find a great love (spouse ? spiritual ?) (praying) and therefore an upcoming great event.

Ya ALI (a.s.)
wa salam


Me : Salamun Aleykum dear Sheikh, can you please once again interpret my dream?

Last night I dreamt that Seyed Mortadha Shirazi (hf) came over to my place (I have no idea where was ‘my place’ in the dream). I was so surprise that he suddenly come over. 

I kissed his cheeks, after that I quickly tell my two housemates (who apparently watching TV at the living room but their faces were unclear) about him.

Seyed Mortadha (in my dream) decided to sleep in my place, and he sleep on the floor. I saw an ulcer on his leg (below his knee, at the back).

There were at least 4 people (except me and Seyed Mortadha) in my place, but I don’t even know them.

What is the meaning all of this? (Sent on April 22nd, 3.29 p.m) – regarding my entry below

CM : Wa alaikum salam wa rahma,

I am not very good in interpretation, however please find my version:

” – You are blessed (Seyed) by Allah (swt) by bringing inside your heart (place) righteous scholars (like Seyed Mortadha Shirazi). 
– You have a spiritual relationship with the lineage of righteous Prophet Muhammad (sawa).
– Your kiss is the emotion allegiance you gave to Imam al-Mahdi (AJ) and you need to recite more often the du’A of allegiance to Him (AJ):
– You need to avoid to share your feelings and experiences to others which may create some troubles in the future such as a betrayal AND slander.
– You have some family problems (sleep-over) and some “painful’ (ulcer) financial (hurt knee) pressure.
– Your love of the religion implies your close emotion to living scholars however the scholar are NOT necessary surrounded by good intended people (4 people) and you MUST be diplomatic and clever enough to differenciate each (religious) people without telling anyone.

Don’t forget me in your du’A
(I would like to transmit a salam from someone to you, please inbox me to get his name).
wa salam



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