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Eid, Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, what to sacrifice? October 26, 2012

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Today (26th October) is Eid, one of the holiest day in Islam. And today, is the second time that I don’t celebrate it with my family in my hometown. The first one was 2 years ago (2010). Eid in here (Kuala Lumpur) is no difference than ordinary day. The atmosphere is not like Eid that I celebrate in my hometown. I can see the people do their routine like another day. Maybe there is slightly difference such as some of stores closed and less people in the street. Public transportation is still operating as usual like LRT and bus. Many people wear casual clothes.


Eid sermon, after Eid prayer.

I don’t have much activity on holiday like today. After Eid prayer in the morning, I went to my aunt’s restaurant that near to my rented house. She and her sister and brother in law made some food for free. After that I followed my another aunt to her mother in law’s house. They have just slaughtered a goat for curry. After greet everybody I sit somewhere outside the house. I get bored and since I have nothing to say and I decided to go home by bus. And I can feel that I was uninvited. Internet is more exciting than sitting in the crowd. seriously.


The sacrifice

Today, everybody is talking about sacrifice. Yes, today is the day when Muslims slaughtered cows, goats, buffaloes etc and distribute the meat to people.This will continue until tomorrow and forth. Based on the story that God commanded Prophet Abraham to slaughter his beloved son, Ishmael (peace be upon them) to test his obedience to God. Well, some people said it was Isaac that God wants Abraham to slaughter. Anyways, that is that. To show that people want to reach God, they sacrifice by slaughter their cows or goats.

Why did God wants Abraham to slaughter his son? Not animal, or anybody? Because son/children is the beloved one by parents. One may be doubted if he/she been asked to sacrifice his/her child for the sake of God. It is really a high test, one may remain as a believer if he obey the command, and one may not become a believer anymore if he disobey the command. So, children is the perfect sign to indicate the one’s faith. Abraham did it and prove it to God that he is a truly believer. When he was about to slaughter his son, God has changed it to a sheep.

How about us, today? What do we have to offer to God as a sign of our faith? What can we do to prove that we are a believer? If there is a command from God that wants us to sacrifice one of our nearest people, would we do that? Would our faith shaken?



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