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Benefits of Ziyarat Ashura November 15, 2012

Posted by Yakuza in Religion and faith.

ImageIf you recite this Ziyarat, then the angels who visit my shrine will pray for you.” – Imam Baqir (as)

Seyed Shirazi (ra) reports an incident relating to Agha Fareed: “I was concerned in a hopeless situation, when I remembered the ziyarat that was emphasized especially for the people of Samarra. I commenced reciting the ziyarat from the 1st of Muharram. Incredibly, by the 8th of Muharram, my problem was solved.” (Al kalam bahrul kalam vol.1 p54.)

Syed Ahmed writes: “I was sitting in a corner of Masjid Sahla. Suddenly, a man entered the room wearing a turban and a black cloak. He looked around and then he walked towards me. He remarked, “Since you recite Ziyarat Ashura every morning, collect your expenses from me, so that you don’t have to depend on anyone.” Then he gave me some money and said, “This should suffice you for this month.” He left after that. I was completely baffled and felt as though my feet were stuck to the ground. Afterwards, I started looking for him all over but could not find him.”- Abqariyy-ul-hisaan

Sheikh Murtadha (ra) used to regularly recite Ziyarat Ashura every morning and late afternoon. After his demise, a person saw him in a dream, and inquired from him, “Which action has benefited you the most?” Sheikh Murtadha replied thrice,, “Ziyarat Ashura.”-Shaksiyate Shaykh Ansari, p330)

Hardships and afflictions, no matter how severe, can be remedied by reciting Ziyarat Ashura for forty consecutive days. Reports of people’s experiences testify to the authenticity of this tradition. They have reaped countless benefits through its recitation and have always resorted to it in moments of distress.

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