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The Diary of My Life

Hi, welcome to my dual language weblog. This site is specialized to sharing  several occasions that occured in my life with visitors. Through this blog, visitors can know what happens in my life and provides the various writings. Although my English is not that good, but I’m trying to practice in order to make it perfect. So, please ‘forgive’ me when you found mistakes in my writing.

My another websites :

1. http://reformisjalanan.blogspot.com/  (Blogger – blog about current issues in Malay language)

2. http://reformisjalanan.tumblr.com/ (Tumblr – a tiny site dedicated to Shirazi family – I have stopped the update though)

3. http://reformis-sosialis.blogspot.com/ (Blogger – pieces from various sources dedicated to Socialism – an ideology that I have left – same with Tumblr – the update has stopped).

4. http://www.flickr.com/photos/hadishirazi/ (Flickr – my photo gallery – various photos from my laptop)

5. http://ask.fm/hadishirazi (Ask.fm – ask me any question and you’ll get the reply soon 🙂 )

6. http://pemerhatiansaya.wordpress.com/ (WordPress – contains my analysis and observation about politics in Malaysia – but this blog has been closed since early 2010)

Any criticism, suggestion, and comments about this blog can be mailed to reformisjalanan@gmail.com



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