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Me and Clerics/Mullah

I’m adopting Shia Islam as my way of life. Since the reference about religion and current issues require clerics, I’ve chosen several clerics as my guide.

I have no a particular marja’ (source of emulation). I believe that we shouldn’t being tied up with only one opinion/one person. In other word, I do tab’eed.We are free to choose any opinion that we agreed and suits us. Therefore, I have made several criterion to pick the righteous scholar, according to my view.

I rejected any ‘scholar’ who doesn’t have etiquette and ill mannered. ‘Scholar’ who caused tension among community and preach hatred will be despised by me. I rejected the ‘holier than thou attitude’.  I hate religious fascists! I believe whoever will be saved in the akhira (hereafter) if they have taqwa (49:13), sincere and not from those who called ‘dhalimeen’ (cruel). Any sect, any madhdhab, any school of thought. it is not us who give a judgment, all is up to Allah SWT.

I also rejected traditionalist and orthodox views when it comes to verdicts for current affair. I’m more comfortable with liberal fatwas for that. Religion does evolve with time. Thus, the following mullahs below are fulfill the criterion.

1. Qazwini family

I love the lectures of the Qazwinis, especially Seyed Mostafa (far left). This family is moderate, not too aggressive nor extreme when presenting their views, and cursing publicly is not their habit. that is all that matters! 🙂 I don’t listen to their father’s lecture, Seyed Mortadha Qazwini (middle) since I don’t understand Arabic.


2. Seyed Mahdi Modarresi

He is no different than Qazwini brothers. Son of Seyed Hadi Modarresi. I like his lecture, he inspired me especially in Bahrain matters.

Both Qazwini and Modarresi are truly inspirational. Their lectures can make you fall in love with Islam, they are not the people who only aim for hatred, they don’t have ‘holier than thou’ attitude when delivering their lectures, and most of their lectures are highlighted with current issues. Unlike ‘you-know-who’, Qazwini and Modarresi are the perfect choice for those who confident that Islam is the religion of peace and love. Most importantly, they are not the religious fascists.


3. Sheikh Yusuf Sanei

He is Mr. Youssef Sanei from Iran. Currently live in Qom. From what I read on last year, he is already been demoted from highest ranking scholar by the particular religious council in Iran. Why do I like him? Because his fatwas (religious verdicts/decree) are so liberal.

– He strongly against suicide bombing (which is just like a game for terrorist) and nuclear weapon (Iran doesn’t have nuclear weapon tho)

– He permitted beard shaving for men, cosmetic surgery, listening music and so on.

-Kosher meat is halal according to him (LOL)

One thing that I strongly disagree with Yusuf Sanei is that he believe that women can also rule and become a marja.


4.Ebrahim Jannati 

 Another ‘liberal’ marja. Very Usooli. You can check out his selected rulings on here http://jannaati.com/eng/index.php?page=6

He is no different than Sheikh Yusuf Sanei basically. One of his ‘controversy’ fatwa about consuming meat is :

– we can eat the meat which been slaughtered by Ahlu Kitab (Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians etc) but must recite ‘Besmellah’ first. (Another LOL)

People say, ”religion is easy”  :p


5. Seyed Reza Hosseini Nassab

Although some netizen arguing or doubt that he is not a mujtahid, I will just leave that to Allah, since I know nothing about that. But his certificate copies about his qualification are available on his website. Sometimes I checking his website in English but it seems that it is not updated. His fatwas and thoughts are not much different than Shaykh Yusuf Sanei and Shaykh Ebrahim Jannati, which make me agree with him. Hey, liberalism is my friend, you know 😉

This is his biography : http://hoseini.org/bio1.htm

Check out his resalah : http://hoseini.org/resalah-english.htm

Question and Answer section : http://hoseini.org/Esteftaat-English.htm

He is also an author of more than 30 Islamic books, which is available here : http://hoseini.org/booka.htm


I am always visiting website of various scholars and follow their opinion. That’s why I don’t have a particular marja’. I am mixing various opinion from several marja. The websites which I always referring about Islamic rulings are :

1 – Website of Seyed Mohammed Sa`eed Al-Hakeem [ http://english.alhakeem.com/ ]

2- Website of Hajj Shaykh Yusuf Saanei [http://saanei.org/?view=02,00,00,00,0]

3- Website of Shaykh Ebrahim Jannati [http://jannaati.com/eng/index.php]

4- Website of Seyed Reza Hosseini Nassab [http://hoseini.org/index.htm]

5- Website of Sheikh Muhammad Yaqoobi [http://www.yaqoobi.de/englisch/index.htm]

6- Website of Sheikh Muhammad Hussain Najafi [http://www.sibtain.com/en/Default.aspx]



1. Daoud - May 26, 2011

As-Salam aleikum,
I’m a french shia and I went so many times to Malaysia -KL, Shah Alam, Kuantan and Kota Bharu- to learn seni silat gayong malaysia and Keris Lok Sembilan/senaman tua with Guru Azlan Ghanie. At that time i lived in Mindanao, Philippines
But I really appreciate malay people who are very nice and kind.
So I’m very happy to see the blog of a shia malay brother, who seems very rare in Malaysia, right?
Are you still in Malaysia or on Europe?
Salam & Do’a
Cikgu Daoud

reformisjalanan - May 27, 2011

Waalaykom as-salaam wbt

thanks for visiting my blog although it hasn’t been updated recently. Yes I am shia and there are approximately 20,000 shias in Malaysia, especially in KL, Selangor and Northern state.

i am now still in malaysia

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